Healthy Me, Healthy You(th) – Training Course – 15-23 May 2023, Valea Verde – Câmpeni (Alba), Romania

Healthy Me, Healthy You(th) – Training Course – 15-23 May 2023, Valea Verde – Câmpeni (Alba), Romania

For 7 days, 28 youth workers will play, discover and assimilate minimum 12 working methods suitable for small and large groups. We will have quite long debrief sessions on all the elements of most of the learnt methods. We believe in this learning approach as a key pillar for a lasting experience with high transferability. The goal of this activity is to equip you with a very good understanding of the impact created by the prevention work among teenagers and on how this concept should be delivered. We will cover many topics, such as development of addictions, cycle of addictions, principles of prevention work, creation of preventive educational methods, local transferability. You, as a participant, will be part of a great opportunity to collecting relevant methods, tools, principles and other elements from those who are involved in this field.

This TC is dedicated ONLY AND ONLY to professionals who are active in youth work, education, teaching, social work, support services for young people, psychologists, youth leaders, facilitators, trainers, etc. and have a clear interest in exploring the topic of preventive education in general, and prevention of substance abuse in particular. We will have fun by learning about methods and tools on how to work with teenagers on preventive education. Of course, learner-based approach, enough time to explore the nature and for self-care. Also, every participant will receive a Youthpass Certificate that is a proof of your learning in the TC. We expect to have a group of motivated professionals who have organizational support for transferring the practice in their work. Minimum knowledge and experience in working with NFL activities is desirable, but not mandatory. The working language will be English, therefore an average level of speaking, reading and listening is desirable. Minimum age limit is 18.

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